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Live TX - Liverpool band

Liverpool band Live TX also known as Live Transmission were formed in 1985 created by Peter McVeigh and Paul Whelan. Peter and Paul worked with many musicians in the early days including Ian Jarvis (Bass player) Wal Riley (Drums) and Ste Lofthouse (Keyboards). Photo of us with our friend Billy Bragg who was part of the Red Wedge musicians collective which included many great musicians including Paul Weller, Tom Robinson, The Blow Monkeys, Jimmy Somerville and Lloyd Cole and the Commotions to name a few. Live Transmission, LIVE TX released an album called Radioactive in the 1980's and worked with Audio Visual Records a musicians collective created by our great friend Ken Kelly supporting local Liverpool bands. Below is a video containing an audio interview Live TX made as Time Travellers on BBC Radio Merseyside on the Jane Buchanan radio show back in the 1980's. Live Transmission, Liverpool, Time Travellers .  We have many more Live TX YO

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